ECO Bio-Degrader Natural Liquid De-Thatcher:

Quart: $13.95

RTU Quart: $15.95

Gallon: $39.95

RTU+Gallon: $47.95

2.5 Gallon: $89.95
  • Naturally degrades thatch
  • Increases nitrogen uptake!
  • Gets more water to the roots!
  • Helps make humus, saves labor and improves the soil!
  • A wonder product for lawns!
  • Convenient Ready-To-Use Size!
ECO Bio-Degrader Natural Liquid De-Thatcher will help get rid of thatch in your yard, which can cause turf to build up a bi- carbonate layer and harm to the growth and health of a plant.

It accomplishes some of the things that mechanical aeration does with an environmentally friendly product. Will decrease thatch and allow greater Nitrogen uptake to the plant.

Label | MSDS Sheet – PDF | Application Instructions

Commercial purchase: RTU’s and quarts are available in cases of 12. Other case sizes ship palletized or products can be shipped bulk in 55 / 250 / 275 / 1000 / and 4500 gal. containers. Contact Us for pricing and availability.

Product Details:

ECO Bio-Degrader Natural Liquid De-Thatcher

This popular and effective product is an organically carbon based thatch degrader specially formulated for turf to help accelerate the decomposition of thatch. Thatch soaks up water and prevents it from getting into the ground. The lawn with heavy thatch is more susceptable to heat stress and disease. To help accelerate this process we added high levels of Bacillus Species with Carbonic Enzymes. The best way to get rid of thatch is to get it to decompose.

To further help speed this process we placed these various species of Bacillus microbes with carbonic enzymes as a food source to help these bacteria thrive better in a new environment. Bio Degrader will also help aid the nitrogen fertilizer become more readily available to the Turf.

Application Rates for ECO Bio-Degrader Natural Liquid De-Thatcher
All Grasses: 3 ounces per 1,000 sq.ft. Apply every 10 days for 30 days, then every 2 weeks.
Tips: Apply with Soil Amend Plus for best control, keep thatch as moist as possible .
Note: To ensure compatibility with foreign products, a jar compatibility test is recommended. Always fill tank with water first, then add product while tank is circulating. NEVER MIX CONCENTRATES DIRECTLY TOGETHER.

Guaranteed Analysis: Bacterial Cultures | Bacillius Species with Carbonic Enzymes
Derived From: Bacillius Species with Carbonic Enzymes
Benefits of Use: Decreases Thatch | Increases water holding capacity in soil | Increases Stress Tolerances
Problem Condition:Thatch build up |Low water holding capacity | Low levels of soil microbial activity | Various environmental stresses | Localized dry spots
Disclaimer: It is not recommended to use this product with fungicides and pesticides, it’s the user’s responsibility to conduct all trial tests.
Physical Properties:Weight per gallon = 8.93 lbs | Ph = 7.0 |
Appearance and Odor: Dark brown liquid, earthy odor
Storage: Store between 41°F and 77°F, do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods. AVOID FREEZING!
Container Size: RTU-quart; 1 qt.; 1 gal.; 2.5 gal.
Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. If on skin wash with soap and water. If in eyes, rinse repeatedly with water.

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