Frequently Asked Questions

Are the ECO Lawn and Garden products safe for people?
Yes. All our products are environmentally friendly products. They are safe to use around animals, pets or people. As with any concentrated product you should avoid eye or skin contact. If you spill on your skin wash off with water. If you spray on vegetables they should be rinsed with water before eating as with any vegetable or fruit.

Please check the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available on each product page to answer any detailed questions about our products safety.

Can I use ECO Lawn and Garden products if I am using a lawn service?
Of course! As a supplement to your lawn service program ECO Lawn & Garden products are ideal! Our products, used correctly, will make the other products you use more effective. Products should be applied at different times. If you do apply them on the same day, apply ECO Lawn and Garden products first.

If your current lawn program includes fungicides, herbicides or pesticides, the use of Soil Amend and Soil Amend Plus after the application of those products will help restore the negative effects those products may have on the soil.

Can I use ECO Lawn and Garden Products with my in-ground irrigation system?
Yes! ECO Lawn and Garden products do not clog irrigation systems and work great in many types of systems. Look for a future offering from ECO Lawn and Garden of a product that will aid injection of our product. GSR Calcium should be mixed in water with other products before injecting.

Do ECO Lawn and Garden products work better at certain times of year?
Any time the soil temperatures are above 50-60 degrees is the best time to use our products. No fertilizers work when the soil temperatures are below 50 degrees or if the ground is frozen. If you have an inexpensive meat probe you can insert it 3-4 inches in the ground to obtain soil temperatures. Simply speaking when the air temperatures are above 50-60 degrees for a consistent period of the day, our products will work. Soil Amend and Soil Amend Plus can be applied when the turf is dormant in the south and west and the products will continue to work in the soil.

Will Soil Amend, Soil Amend Plus and Super Soil Plus work immediately after the first application?
Sometimes there will be an immediate effect after application, but the purpose of these products is to gradually condition the soil and soil microbes with continual applications.

Can I use ECO Lawn and Garden products with new seed or new sod?
Yes. You can use before and after seeding and new sod. Our products especially Soil Amend and Soil Amend Plus will increase seed germination and new root growth.

Is there any danger of over applying ECO Lawn and Garden products?
No. In over 8 years we have not had a single incident of over application hurting turf or gardens. In theory that should never happen, but any drenching of a single product could potentially do some harm, so stick to the recommended application rates.

Can ECO Super Soil Plus or Soil Amend Plus replace core aerification?
Yes. It will take repeated applications, and over time you should experience looser soil using these products. This can be done at anytime and without all of the mess of core aerification.

Can I mix ECO Lawn and Garden products before spraying?
Most products can be pre-mixed. We recommend testing first before mixing a large batch. All of these products have been pre-mixed by golf courses. The only product that may contain some issues may be ECO MicroBoost or Dark Green. They generally should not be mixed with Soil Amend or Soil Amend Plus. GSR MicroBurst Calcium can sometimes not mix well with Dark Green or ECO MicroBoost. Follow the Lawn Program guidelines.

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