Handy-Spray Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

Great Liquid FertilizerApplicator and De-Icer Spray Cart

5.0 gallon jug

5.0 gallon pail

2.5 gallon jug

Easy to use spot sprayer that’s light weight, but heavy duty! Battery operated with a SHurFlo pump supplies a single nozzle for a variety of spray applications!

  • Battery operated (Sealed Lead Acid)
  • Sprays 100 gallons on a single charge
  • ShurFlo 1.0 gpm pump
  • Interchangeable nozzle for various patterns!
  • Three models for popular containers!

The Handy-Spray is a convenient spray tool for applying liquid nutrients and herbicides on turf. The spray pump runs on a 12v battery and is controlled by a momentary switch on the handle.

The Handy-Spray is a fixed flow sprayer and application rate is adjusted by ground speed. Refer to rate recommendation provided by the spray product label and match with the corresponding range of rates on
the chart below to determine the proper walking speed. Higher rates can be achieved with multiple passes.

Three nozzle options are available depending on the application type and desired coverage.

Downloadable Product Sheet – PDF | Contact us for more info!

Great for spraying plant health products!
Refer to product label for recommended application rate. Dilution of the product can be used to match Handy-Spray application rate. Fan spray nozzles listed the product details document above should be used. The ULD120-8 nozzle will produce coarse droplets and HF140-08 nozzle will produce extremely
coarse droplets.
Great for spraying de-icing solutions!
The Handy-Spray is equipped with a straight stream nozzle (ESI110-08) for best results applying liquid de-ice solutions through snow cover. Fan spray nozzles can be used on bare pavement.

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