Product Testimonials

“I live in southeast Iowa. Last year I applied Super Soil Plus to my heavily damaged back yard. This spring the lawn is coming in better than it has in years. Early this spring I seeded with a high quality Kentucky bluegrass, and the yard is now lush and thick with very few bare spots. Our soil has a heavy clay content, but Super Soil Plus seems to have had the desired effect of loosening the compacted soil. Thank you for making these wonderful products available.”
– David S., Iowa City, IA

“When I used the Soil Amend Plus on my greens the grass clippings in the mower basket were almost double. I thought that there must be a high level of nitrogen in the Soil Amend product to cause this growth spurt. What I found out was that years of fertilization had caused elements to build up in the soil. The combination of the humic acid and seaweed had unlocked the elements and the result was that the turf prospered. I have continued to use Soil Amend Plus on my greens for the past three seasons and have all but eliminated the use of fertilizer during this time.”
– John S

“Over the past few years I have been using a variety of Cycle Works turf enhancement products. These products have performed very well for me. They are very easy to use and compatible with many different products.”

The Soil Amend Plus has performed extremely well on our putting greens enabling deeper root depth which has been beneficial with drought tolerance. The 16-4-8 has been a reliable NPK source and lasts two weeks which is our spray program interval. Dark Green is exactly what is says, within two hours after applying we are able to see instant greening up of our turf.
– Jeramie G.

“The only change that I made to my fertilization practice this year was the addition of the GSR calcium. My turf has never been healthier above and below the soil and never looked better.”
– Kevin E.

“Due to shade and salty soil, it is extremely difficult to grow grass in my yard. I have used ECO Soil Amend with great results. It is much easier to apply than granular fertilizer, and there is no risk of burning the roots. It is also cost effective. Highly recommended!”
– Michael D., Phoenix

“Your iron product Dark Green has worked great for us. We feel that results are faster and last longer than any of the products that we have used in the past. It gives us the true green color that we are looking for and seems to lower the ph of the other products that we mix it with.”
– Terry K.

“I have been using 16-4-8 fertilizer on my turf for two years and am very pleased with the results that I see. I like the fact that each application last about 21 days, which has saved me time and money.”
– Ray F.

“There is no better feeling to see healthy turf that is the result of eco friendly practices. Your products work great and are people and pet friendly.”
– Bob L.

“I have used ECO Lawn and Garden products on my yard for several years. I use ECO Soil Amend Plus, ECO 16-4-8 and GSR Turf Rite Calcium. I also use organic granular three times a year. Our yard consistently looks better than our neighbors and this year we did not water our yard once. This was a bountiful rain year, but the combination of the ECO Lawn and Garden products helps my lawn retain water better. I heartily recommend ECO Lawn and Garden products.”
– Donna D.

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