The Greener Side Free™ All In One Phosphorous Free Liquid Fertilizer

Finally! Perfect Lawn Food!

The Greener Side Free™ All In One Phosphorous Free Liquid Fertilizer is everything your lawn needs in one product!
The Greener Side Free™ all in one phosphorous free liquid fertilizer adds what it takes to get the healthy soil and nutrients required for a great lawn! Using only eco friendly and safe liquid soil amendments and fertilizers for a vibrant green healthy lawn.

Quart: $16.95

RTU Quart: $16.95

Gallon: $34.95

RTU+Gallon: $46.95

2.5 Gallon: $82.95
  • Complete product for a healthy lawn!
  • NPK 14-0-7 for phosphorous free areas!
  • NPK 14-3-7 available too!
  • Contains Humates and Seaweed!
  • Increases root growth!
  • Safe and natural way to a beautiful lawn!
  • Convenient Ready To Use Size!
The Greener Side Free™ is literally a perfect lawn food! It is a complex fertilizer and soil conditioner that fertilizes, dethatches naturally, grows stronger roots, loosens soils and adds microbes improving the organic matter in the soil.

The Greener Side Free™ All In One Phosphorous Free Liquid Fertilizer

This wonderful time saving product is made from natural and organic ingredients specially formulated to provide a variety of beneficial nutrients and amendments to the lawn.

The ingredients come from only natural, organic, and food grade sources.

Safe and effective, you will quickly come to appreciate how easy The Greener Side Free™ makes taking care of your lawn.


Commercial purchase: RTU’s and quarts are available in cases of 12. Other case sizes ship palletized or products can be shipped bulk in 55 / 250 / 275 / 1000 / and 4500 gal. containers. Contact Us for pricing and availability.

Product Details:

Application Instructions
Standard application of The Greener Side is 8 oz/1000 sq.ft.every 4 weeks, damaged lawns
every 2-3 weeks.

Best when applied early or late in the day. Avoid applying to dormant or heat
stressed lawns.

Apply with the Ready-To-Use quart bottle or if you are using a sprayer with
settings, set the hose end sprayer at the 3 oz. setting. Spray using a side-to-side motion with water at a low to medium flow. Go over the area to be covered until the proper amount of The Greener Side™ is applied.

For best results don’t water the lawn until the day following application.

Guaranteed Analysis:Nitrogen (N) … 14.00% as Nitrate Nitrogen (0.88%) and Urea Nitrogen (13.12%) | Phosphate (P205) … 0.00% | Potash (K20) … 7.00% | Humate … 0.05%

Derived From: Humic acid, Potassium Nitrate, Seaweed, Fish, Mychrorrizae and Benefical Bacteria from natural and organic food grade sources.

Container Size: Ready-To-Use Quart; 1 qt.; 1 gal.; 2.5 gal.
The Greener Side™ is also available in commercial sizes. Contact us for info.

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