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Bringing you the best in natural liquid organic fertilizers and soil amendments.

We ALWAYS use food grade and organic materials in manufacturing our products! NO CHEMICALS!

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Our products are:

– Concentrated
– Efficient
– Effective

And naturally the very best way to beautiful gardens and lawns!

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You care for your lawn and the environment with products that are safe for your children, your pets and your friends! Perfect for the homeowner, the landscaper, the gardener, and the lawn care enthusiast and sized to fit your needs. These natural and organic products are affordable and work better than anything on the market!

You help the environment with these products, building sustainable eco friendly practices. Our approach produces the highest quality flowers and gardens as well as beautiful lawns – all environmentally correct! Our products are manufactured using only food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade organic and natural sources.

No chemicals are used to make our products.

Check out our ‘Best Sellers’ and see what you think!

Thank you to all our customers who have the passion and make the effort to help keep our environment free from chemicals. Keep sending those questions to us, we’re happy to reply and don’t forget to visit our blog and suggest topics you’d like to see covered.

Our Top-Selling Products

· Pet urine damage repair
· Pet safe and Eco-Friendly!
· Fast working!
· Brings your lawn back to life
· Natural, organic soil treatment

· Most popular NPK fertilizer
· Bio-Enhanced NPK Fertilizer
· More Nitrogen
· Produces vibrant green turf
· Popular ratio of Phosphorus & Potassium

· An amazing product!
· Loosens soil
· Works like mechanical aeration
· Moves water down to the roots
· Full 60 percent Ammonium Laureth Sulfate
· Strongest on the market

· Created for golf courses!
· Blends Two Products!
· Humic/Fulvic Acid and Seaweed
· Loosen soil, creates humus
· Increases root growth and depth

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